Seasonal Tire Changeovers

Not just a guy with a wrench – our Mobile Pit Stop is designed to quickly and safely bring the vehicle to an ergonomic working height, while each wheel is lifted by adjustable jacks. Our trained technicians use air impact and calibrated torque wrenches to deliver consistent and reliable results.

Important safety note, no matter who does your changeover: Wheels must be checked and re-torqued within 80kM after tire change. If you cannot do it yourself or have concerns, call us and we will do it for you!

Tire Storage
per season plus HST
Set of 4
We keep your tires dry and clean all season, and bring them back for your next changeover
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Tire Switch On Rim
per season plus HST
Our most popular service
$60 for trucks
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Tire Switch Off Rim
per season plus HST
Includes removing the tire from rims, with cleaning and balancing
$139 for trucks; Off rim run-flat tire switches not available
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Prices subject to change


Balance Check
$10.00 + HST + $2.50 per wheel requiring adjustment

Sensor Re-Programming:
$20.00 + HST
*This is only required on some after market sensors.

Tire Repair:
$30.00 + HST  (if combined with any other service)
$60.00 + HST (if not combined)

Pricing subject to change

Storage and Care

Short on space? We can store your tires in a dry, secure and dark facility to preserve the rubber. Wheels are rinsed, inspected, and identified  before storage. If  issues  are found that need to be resolved before next season we will contact you with recommendations.

Book your next seasonal tire change with us and we will remove your tire set and wheel nuts from storage and bring it to the appointment.

You never have to store and move your tires again!

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