For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

Question: Why need a Mobile Pit Stop trailer to change tires?

Answer: Our Mobile Pit Stop is designed to quickly and safely bring the vehicle to an ergonomic working height. Adjustable jacks lift each wheel independently and create stability. Air impact wrenches and other tools are within reach of each wheel. Brake and suspension parts can be easily inspected. Wheels do not have to be lifted multiple times. All of this allows our crews to change many sets per day, safely and consistently.

Question: What is the reason for a torque inspection after 50-100 km.

Answer: In very rare cases wheel nuts may come loose in the first 50-100 km. This may be caused by dirt between rotor or drum and the wheel surface, or otherwise. Although the incident rate is extremely low  the potential consequences can be severe.

If you experience any unusual vibration or swaying during the first 50-100 km after the tire change, immediately pull over in a safe area and use your cars’ lug wrench to check each wheel nut.

Mobile Car Care Limited will perform the torque inspection at your request. Please call or Email to arrange.

Most people do not take the time to get the complimentary inspection done. If you decide to do so, please make sure to inspect the wheel nuts yourself, using your car’s lug wrench.

Question: How does tire storage benefit me, besides the space it frees up?

Answer: The great benefit of tire storage is that you will never have to lift or move your tires again. We take the tires to our storage facility and bring them back next season. In the meantime they will have been rinsed and inspected. Seasonal tire changes will now be as simple as a quick booking on our web site.