TIre Changes
Your personal Pit Crew will change and rotate your tires in our Mobile Pit Stop, right at your door.

Tire Sales

Care & Repair
We install and balance new tires and repair leaks, also right at your door.


Tire Storage
Mobile Car Care Ltd. will store your set of tires in a secure facility. Complimentary cleaning and inspection included.


Welcome to Mobile Care Care Limited, the most convenient way to get car service done professionally and economically, right at your door.

During the late Fall and early Spring we specialize in seasonal tire changes and tire sales. Tire installation, balancing and repair is all done on-site, with our state of the art mobile equipment.

Our specialized trailer lifts your vehicle to ergonomic working heights and jacks up each tire independently. Pneumatic tools are within reach of each tire. This enables our crews to change your tires as efficiently and consistently as a conventional tire shop. In addition we offer economical storage solutions for your tires.

No more loading of heavy, dirty tires into your car!     No more sitting in traffic and a waiting room, on your day off!    Free up valuable space in your garage by letting us store your tires!

Seasonal tire changes are about to become very simple for you! Start by sending us a note, or book an appointment!

Please note that currently we only offer our services in Brantford.


Please be aware that we cannot service all vehicles and all neighbourhoods. Here are the requirements:

  • A reasonably level and solid surface, to support stability
  • A road, free of heavy traffic, to avoid safety concerns and inconvenience to others
  • We are closed on Sundays.

If the service may cause any inconvenience to neighbours, please make sure to get their consent. You know best if it is needed.

Any questions about this please feel free to contact us (Email preferred).

mobilecarcare canada

Our services

  • Seasonal tire changes
  • Follow up torque inspection
  • New tire sales, installation and balancing
  • Tire repair
  • Secure storage of tires
  • Basic cleaning of rims (included with storage)
  • Tire inspection (included with storage)
  • Rim repair (by quotation)
  • Reprogramming of tire sensors
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mobilecarcare canada

mobilecarcare canada